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Integrate ITHLUX

Integrate ITHLUX

ITHLUX has in its organizational model the functions of Broker; Team Manager; Team Leader, Independent Agent and Team Member.

The ITHLUX Value Proposition is based on:

  • Company structurally directed to Consultants and experienced teams.
  • Collaborative Entrepreneurship Model - Virtually non-existent investment costs.
  • Online Real Estate with appreciation of the role of the Consultant.
  • ITHLUX Marketing.
  • ITHLUX technology.
  • Growth Prize - Growth Prize.
  • A Clear Organizational Model for Online Agencies.
  • High remuneration for consultants.
  • Fléxiveis and Agile models for consultants.
  • Mentoring ITHLUX.
  • Fees Low Cost for the Consultant.

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