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Vision 360

At ITHLUX our customers can count on a team of experienced consultants whose focus is to provide integrated solutions for their goals. At ITHLUX We do a market study and a Global assessment of the best solution to commercialize your property in order to obtain the best market price. From this Global assessment will result the revenue for Marketing appropriate to the marketing of your property.

Legal certainty

All the properties you find at ITHLUX are certified by solicitor, lawyer or Notarial notary, contracted externally by our mediator. Equally for all acts that take place, guaranteeing ITHLUX customers all legal certainty in the sale or acquisition of their property.

Avatar Marketing

From Vision 360 comes the "recipe" that best suits the commercialization of your property, it is determined the target audience that can potentially buy your property. All communication policy, from Home Staging (if necessary), the preparation and execution of the photographic report, all descriptions will take into account an Avatar model, based on the buyer's customer profile. Our ITHLUX consultants have support from a Marketing team that will design the entire campaign and invest in advertising absolutely targeted at these customers. This is our big secret to the success in the commercialization of ITHLUX customers ' properties.

Shared information

Being the transparency and rapidity of two very important values at ITHLUX, being our client will have the advantage of being able to receive all the information that ITHLUX and our consultants receive at the same time. In all the steps of the commercialization, from the acceptance of the property raising, the publication on websites, advertising on social networks, marking a visit, going through the realization of a proposal from a buyer, at all these times the client ITHLUX receives At the same time the information.


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